Welcome to the website of Jeff Wright!  A master storyteller and a highly qualified educator, Jeff performs compelling stories and engaging “edu-tainments”.  Jeff brings entertainment, energy and professionalism to any event or stage!

Trojan War: The Podcast & The Live Show

Listen to the full majestic sweep of the Trojan War Epic come to life:  as an addictive podcast, or as a fast paced, literate and unforgettable live show.  Either way, Jeff’s storytelling will enthrall you, make you laugh out loud, and glue you to the edge of your seat.

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How To Make Love In a Canoe

The Canadian wilderness has never been funnier, nor more touching.

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Trained as an educator and as a storyteller, Jeff’s performances inspire, motivate, educate … and always entertain!

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Can a storyteller hold the attention of a generation raised on I-Phones, Facebook, and Youtube? I was surprised to find out that the answer is YES.

(Jeff) Wright is an engaging storyteller, winning his audience with his energy and presence.   …  An enriching and highly amusing performance that will have you laughing one moment and shocked into silence before you can even catch your breath.  

Jeff Wright is a powerful storyteller. I’ve never seen such a riveted audience, laughing one moment and contemplating life the next…  I’d recommend him to anyone looking for a speaker/entertainer!